Omni Marketing Services

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Omni Marketing Services

481 Forest Street
Rockland, MA. 02370

Omni Marketing Services is a contract telemarketing agency specializing in serving “Fuel Oil Dealers.” Utilizing a phone listing customized to your target communities, we set qualified appointments for your sales representatives to sell prospects on the benefits of switching to your oil company.

Our experience has proven that telemarketing is an effective sales tool for prospecting large geographic areas, across all demographics. Omni Marketing can expand or contract our marketing program to meet each specific oil dealer’s requirements. An example is to provide a program that meets your specific controlled growth plans. Since Omni Marketing is located in the Greater Boston area, we have the advantage of drawing on an educated labor market which is reflected on the articulate conversations which our people have with prospects.

Using your price protection program and your comprehensive service plan as incentives, we create interest in your company and schedule qualified appointments. Our experience has shown that your sales representative will then have an average success rate, between 60% and 70%, to close this appointment. Our service assists your sales people by maximizing the time that they are actually selling as opposed to just prospecting.

Omni Marketing President Terry Tucker brings a substantial background of sales and management experience to Omni Marketing Services, which has been servicing fuel oil dealers for seven years. Our goal is to provide your organization with the highest quality service in the most cost effective manner and help you grow your business.

Quality service is attained through our state of the art computerized telemarketing System that allows us to provide your company with benefits not found with most other telemarketing agencies. We load listings from reliable list publishers into our mainframe. The computer serves the phone system the names, numbers and addresses of the home owners in the towns that you have requested us to call. The computerized phone system speed dials the number and routes the live phone call into the headset of the telemarketer. Our highly trained telemarketers call during evening hours and speak directly to the prospect, representing your company and your value proposition. There is no dead air such as can be found with predictive dialing systems.

Omni Marketing’s system automatically skips over busy signals and answering machines. Our telemarketers are able to make selections using program function keys, noting whether the prospect is using gas or oil. All gas and other not wanted prospects are culled out of the file. The calling list becomes more qualified with “Oil Only” prospects as time goes on. This allows Omni Marketing Services to provide you with a mailing list of “Oil Only” prospects.

When you chose Omni Marketing Services as your telemarketing agency, we will provide you with an exclusive agreement for your service area. We will not call for other companies in your delivery area while under contract. All appointments will be confirmed the evening before, firming up the quality of the appointment and your sales representative’s valuable time. We will not charge for canceled or rescheduled appointments occurring at the time of confirmation.

The key to the success of any marketing campaign is the quality of the people that execute it. At Omni Marketing Services our telemarketers are trained on how to respond to objections and when to close. Since we specialize in calling for oil companies, we are very familiar with the typical questions and objections that are made by fuel oil customers. We never use a pressure approach but emphasize your company’s quality service, competitive price, and stability in the area.

Our experience leads us to express confidence in our ability to provide you with a campaign that will be profitable and rewarding to you and your sales force.

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